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Media Strategy, Planning and Buying

When you need results from your advertising

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Not knowing if your media and advertising investment relates directly to your bottom line is a concern.


You shouldn’t waste money on advertising when you could strategically make it work to directly impact the growth of your business. 


Nor should you miss out on the latest media opportunity that could quickly scale your business. 


Rich Marketing implements efficient, results-based media and advertising plans so you’ll never have to worry about wasted media expenses or missed opportunities again. 


Save time, money, and feel confident that your media is working to grow your business. Start Here!

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Step #1:

Schedule a free consultation call.

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Step #2:

Categorize business metrics that drive results.

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Step #3:

Identify media opportunities and advertising budgets.

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Finally! Results-based media and advertising that grows your business!

  • Most effective media and platform opportunities identified

  • Develop customized winning formula

  • Implement & negotiate efficient plan


  • Metrics tracked that mean the most to your business success

  • Integrate analytics with your sales dashboards and monitor media results real-time

  • Continuous fine tuning and adjustments

Media and advertising that work to grow and scale your business

Rich Marketing has evolved over 25 years of successful advertising campaigns for hundreds of clients in an array of B2B and B2C markets. Remember when TV was a three-channel universe and radio was AM/FM? It’s a whole new social and digital world now.


The good news, we can now track metrics better than ever. The bad news, many digital only agencies don’t really understand how advertising needs to fit within the customer experience and overall branding. Rich Marketing gets it!


But what if...

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Are you implementing Today's Top 5 Digital Tactics to grow your business?

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