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Increasing conversion goals (leads) by 111% with an organic + paid lead strategy

For service-based businesses, growing leads is a priority performance indicator of their social media ROI. Month-to-month lead growth is key to continually filling a pipeline of highly targeted in-market prospects. Using social media for lead gen is multi-tiered, where newly engaged users create re-targeting pools that consistently drive more efficient lead conversions at a lower cost.

  • Increased new users by 96%
  • Increased leads by 111%
  • Cost per lead decreased by 73%

Social media return on investment (ROI) comes down to identifying and meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) which are unique to each business and organization.

Increasing in-market shopper traffic by 360% using Facebook dynamic inventory ads

Retailers with online inventory need to drive in-market shoppers to their website to increase sales. Whether buying online or in-person — social dynamic paid ads showcase the retailer’s specific inventory.  Dynamic ads are one of the most cost-efficient ad strategies on social media. We’ve helped retailers switch to this strategy with proven results.

  • Drove an increase in new users by 360% from Facebook referrals
  • Increased campaign goal completions by 1,490%
  • Decreased cost per click rates (CPCs) by 175% creating more traffic efficiencies while consistently hitting less than $.25 cents CPC

Facebook dynamic inventory ads are like social friendly reminders to those in-market for your products or services, letting them know that the items they've been looking at are just one click away.

Shifting search budgets to social during high social media usage to increase new website traffic by 97%

  • Using the same budget, we shifted search ad dollars to social media to create greater efficiencies on ad spend
  • 97% increase in new users when switching budgets from search to social media
  • Increased campaign goal completions by 72%

Shifting even just small budgets to social media will create efficiencies in a multi-media approach.

Increasing social engagements 539% + growing account reach 66% with strategic value-based social media organic content.

For brands, public figures, organizations and non-profits, growing organic engagement with their ideal audience is a vital part of their brand communication plan. It builds a base of engaged evangelists who will help support their cause when asked.

Consistently posting engaging content leads to better metric insights to help steer content priorities. This in-turn grows audience engagements which increases social account reach and growth over time. As this client metric report shows, it only takes a few weeks to turn a social media account around. However, strategic content consistency and account optimization is still key to long-term growth.

  • Implemented a strategic content plan of 80% value-based content to drive audience engagement
  • Increased page views by 961%
  • Increased post reach by 222%
  • Increased engagement actions by 539%
  • Grew account reach by 66%

No medium provides as much two-way connectivity as social media. Consider your content as a consistent, on-going conversation with your ideal audience.

Increasing social results by 357% using a 1 – 2 – 3 punch approach

For brands, organizations, and businesses that need to drive results, social media is the best vehicle. We can engage more audience, drive more traffic, re-target to increase conversions, and lower the overall cost per result. Strategically placed content and branded partnerships (also known as handshakes) increases the performance of these results-based paid campaigns — and sometimes creates a viral boost as a bonus.

  • 582% increase in new website users from Facebook/Instagram
  • Results (lead + download) increased by 357%
  • Cost per result decreased by 859% from initial launch to end of campaign

Content consideration drives connections that lead to customers. This creates a snowball effect when paid and organic social media work hand-in-hand.

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