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Rich Marketing was founded in 2005 by Karen & Court Rich. With 25+ years of experience in multi-media strategic planning, consulting, negotiating and buying, Rich Marketing has a unique insider's perspective from large agency best practices, category-specific expertise and strategies, and internal media inventory management. They lead a talented team of social, digital, traditional, and creative experts second to none.


Karen is the player that everyone wants on their team. A tireless competitor who can see the whole field, she’s passionate about helping clients succeed. An early adopter of social and digital media, Karen knows the tricks and tactics better than anyone.

As a leader in her community, Karen has consulted and served on many non-profit boards in the Seattle area. A member of the American Marketing Association and the Seattle Advertising Federation, Karen graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Marketing from the prestigious Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University where she still advises today.

Karen gets her energy from all things artistic and clever. She’s Sandberg in the office, Martha in the home, Lindsey in the lodge (ask her about Washington’s only ladies’ ski race team), and Ada Lovelace on the robotics field. (Who is that? Again, just ask!)


What’s the M stand for? M is for marketing! Court has spent his entire career in pursuit of marketing excellence. From the client side, agency, research, and media, Court brings a multi-tiered approach to finding what works. It helps that Court’s an ambidextrous contrarian. While Court’s left brain is crunching numbers, his right brain is making it branded and beautiful. His contrarian nature ensures your campaign will always be a step ahead of conventional wisdom.

Active in the Seattle advertising community, Court has served on the board of directors for the American Marketing Association and Seattle Advertising Federation.  Court has an MBA from Seattle University with an emphasis in marketing.

For the record, Court shoots pool left, eats left, brushes left, writes right, swings right, plays tennis right, skis down and across, argues left and right.

Both Court and Karen gain valuable insights by observing their pre- and teenage sons’ engagements with social and digital media — and use those insights for social good in consulting on appropriate teenage media usage and its benefits. (Yep! We said benefits!)



  • FACEBOOK Marketing Partner
  • FACEBOOK Blueprint Certified
  • GOOGLE Marketing Partner
  • Centro Institute Certified



Rich Marketing will always seek to add maximum value through creative thinking and experience. Rich Marketing expects its vendors to adhere to these same values. Rich Marketing works best with clients who offer their customers honest value, their employees' livable wages and are engaged in their community. Rich Marketing is a full disclosure agency.

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